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Why hello there! 

My name is Kristina Martin! I make cartoons and things. But sometimes I also just draw things just for the heck of it.

But, there is no time for heck drawing right now, for I have moved. 

Yes, I have moved from Dirty Jersey, to Sunny (rained the past week) California.

And for those of you who may not know, California (well anywhere for my income) is expensive.

So I am doing something I have never done before and that is open up commissions. Thats right! So lets get to the part you guys care about: price and where is my money going to?

So Here we go:

*Full ink+Full color+Full inked/colored BG 

$100 (1920x1080) or (1080x1920)

$75 (1080x1080)

*Full ink+Full color+Mono BG 

$80 (1920x1080) or (1080x1920)

$75 (1080x1080)

*Full ink+Full color 

$75 (1920x1080) or (1080x1920) 

$55  (1080x1080)

*Full ink (just ink) =

$50  (1920x1080) or (1080x1920)

$45  (1080x1080)

Sketch+Full color 

$45  (1920x1080) or (1080x1920)

$30  (1080x1080)

*Charges will be applied depending on how realistic or cartoony you want the piece to be (ink,shading) =

$25= Realistic 

$15= Graphic

zero charge for cartoony style (examples: Sprigs, Ash, sketches)

**PLUS a $25 for extra character**

If you would like more examples of my art, AND TO THE ORIGINAL POST WITH ATTACHED EXAMPLES please check out my art blog

If you are interested in a commission here is how it will work:

Email me at:

Subject: Commission (your name/username)

Message (this is an example):

I would like my OC OR tv character/movie character (link to examples of OC/ or character from tv/movie etc. ) doing this (description/link to what you want your character doing in the picture *NO PORN/GORE/INCEST/LOLI/SHOTA*) I would like it in  *Full ink+Full color+Full inked/colored BG in the (1080x1080) specs, Graphic. 

Thank you!

-end of example-

Final Price= $90

I know this post is long but bare with me PLEASE! 

It is SO important to me that you know that all the money from commissions will only be going to: 

Buying things for the apartment (examples: Furniture, Appliances, Linens)

And food (examples: Groceries)

All the money I make from my job will be going to rent and fun time money

MEANING: all your contributions will NOT be used on stupid expensive makeup, or stupid expensive cupcakes, Or going to Disneyland and shiz like that.

It will really mean a lot to me and will help me out so much while I try and find more substantial work over here on the west coast.



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